affiliate marketing


Affiliate marketing is sort of marketing other people’s / businesses’ products or services and getting paid for one’s performance. It’s the type of generating sweat-equity with one’s expertise, assets, money, time, and whatever it takes to generate the results that the profit generating individual or business wants. Then the affiliate gets a slice of the pie.

When it comes to affiliates working online, the results are most likely bringing in a visitors or customers to the website of the business.

The online marketing industry has 5 cores – the seller or the merchant, the shop or the website with products, a payment processing system to receive payments from customers, the customer, and the affiliate who makes the meeting between customer and vendor possible. Anything short of that, and the cycle doesn’t complete and there are no sales. So, in a way, affiliates boost the sales and enhance the productivity of a business.

Affiliate Networks

That’s the core idea of affiliate marketing, but the real process is complex. There can be specialized agencies for bigger businesses to market or a few super affiliates enrolled by the business house to fulfill the marketing gap. However, for small businesses or start-ups, taking up an affiliate marketing set-up single-handedly is a lot of work. They may not have sufficient budget allocations for the manpower, infrastructure, and tech-tools. For them, the market has second-tier agencies. These players are, basically, affiliate agencies with an army of affiliates. They work like an intermediary between a business and an affiliate.

Affiliate Networks enroll affiliates, collect the payments from businesses, and pay each affiliate his due. They charge a fee from the businesses on their own terms, keep their share, and pay the rest to individual affiliates basing on their performance. It’s a win-win-win for all three parties – the business, the affiliate, and the affiliate network.

They achieve this by special tracking software to measure the real performance at the business end and then the affiliate responsible for the performance.

Affiliate marketing vis-a-vis Internet marketing

There is a fine line of separation between these two. Affiliates use all the Internet marketing methods and few more in addition. The same old online advertising methods. Following are some of the methods used by both.

  • Banner Advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content Marketing with text, video, graphics, and infographics
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Paid Advertising such as Pay per click (PPC) and Pay per Impressions (PPM) with search engines and social media sites, Pay per View (PPV)

Additional methods used by Affiliates

Affiliates are ever innovative and flexible. They use almost any legit method under the sun to market a product. If a customer needs it let him/her buy it!

One of such methods is producing helpful information on a product or service they market. People search for reviews of products and services they intend to buy so that they can know before hand if that thing is legit. Or that’s worth the money they are willing to spend. They are willing to trust the opinions of previous users of that product/service. This method uses content marketing as well as SEO.

Affiliates use email marketing very effectively. They build up huge email lists in most profitable niches over time. They invest a major share of time and efforts to build lists so that they can use them to their advantage sometimes in future. Solo ads are one of their favorites.

Another effective method affiliates use is tracking and feedback of the results they achieve. Analyzing results is no new thing, but affiliates do it consistently. When you are laced with the latest info, running profitable campaigns is easy.

Most business owners are not aware of the power of affiliate marketing, so they don’t use it. Using affiliates to market your business is not a new concept, but those who are not into it can’t imagine the results affiliates can provide. Email marketing and paid advertising seem more effective than this, but a business needs a huge budget initially before they can generate their first dollar of profit. The main advantage of employing affiliate marketing is there is no need to pay till the business generates profit. So, affiliate marketing is still profitable for any business.

For further reading on this topic, you can check this page.


Do you enjoy scrap-booking? Or may be…you enjoy push-pinning your fav images clipped from magazines, to cork boards.

Now you can do that digitally!

This service comes from a new website called and it’s FREE.

Feel like to celebrate? Then celebrate it! I already had my celebrations. 🙂

May be your spouse has mentioned it to you already, or may be a social friend did! If you are a woman, most likely you know about it. But if you don’t know everything about this site, this article will be of interest to you.

Looks like to me that this digital bulletin board has come to stay for a long time, because, next to Facebook and twitter, this site is the latest social media craze. Some are enjoying it already, some have just joined, some are starting to get the buzz and some are yet to listen about it.

What Can You Do With Pinterest?

You can collect, capture your fav images from all over the net and pin those to one big personal digital board. Even your friends can pin their images to your board and you on theirs. Somebody who loves those images can ‘Like’ it in a similar way as done in Facebook or ‘Repin’ it to another board. That makes it viral, isn’t that?

You no longer need to bookmark the site url, instead you pin it on Pinterest and it’s saved for you there. You have to go and get it there any time you want.

You can do it with the click of a button; even you can add that button to your browser!

Is that all?

Certainly not!

There is more to it.

When somebody click on the image, it takes him/her to the source. It gives a lot of traffic to the site who originally posted the image. Win-win for the site and you.

People make a lot of money with that. You have to figure that out yourself. 🙂

So, the eCommerce sites, internet and affiliate marketers are excited by Pinterest too.  They’ve found that Pinterest has the potential to drive as much traffic to their sites as the web2.0 and social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+.

A little bit of history isn’t bad!

Ben Silbermann and some of his friends conceived this idea on Thanksgiving day, 2009 and Pinterest  was launched in private beta in March 2010. Ben is a Yale graduate and former Googler.

The words of mouth spread very fast and Pinterest reached the millionth unique visitor by July 2011. This site was initially popular mostly among women, may be the name is bit ‘girly’ and appeals to women. They say Ben’s wife came up with this unique name!

Check the following screen shots to know the amount of  traffic they are attracting as on now.

Pinterest Traffic Chart



Following two screen shot I have taken from


daily reach pinterest image from alexa



traffic rank of Pinterest from alexa

The future trend

Does the future augur well for Pinterest?

Maybe or maybe not!

Presently, every Pinterest user, on an average, spends approximately 90 to 100 minutes per day(I am not sure of this data, it may change) on the site. If these trends are any indication, this is going to increase very fast in the near future.

There is another voice in the air – skepticism. That may be right too.

Firstly, it is too early to say anything, because people are anything but predictable.  Who knows what other sites are going to come up in the very next moment. If people find something more interesting and more profitable, they are surely going to shift their attention.

Secondly, Pinterest is not making any remarkable revenue now. Though they have solid finance, who knows how long they will last.

Thirdly, there may be a copyright issue.

The users, presently, post photos without proper permission from the owners. Though, Pinterest duly credits the site by linking to the original source,  that doesn’t fulfill the copyright T&C. As per the fair use doctrine, thumbnails are permitted, but Pinterest imports the full-size image. This may seem to be OK at present, but as the popularity and revenue potential of  this site grows this may be a sore point with many.

The search engines more or less do the same thing, but they transfer the traffic elsewhere. Pinterest may use the same argument to protect its interests in case of legal issues coming up, but it is for the best legal brains to say what is correct.

How to use Pinterest

In a nutshell, this is a “Visual Image Bookmarking Social Media Site.”

It is free to use. You can join the site by invitation only. At least, at present it is so. After you request the invite, you will receive the invite to sign up. You can sign up either by creating your own user name and password or  via Twitter or Facebook also. This may be a marketing strategy or a mechanism to exercise some amount of control over the growth of the site.

Then you choose your category and follow people.

  • You can ‘Pin’ an image/video from your computer
  • You can ‘Pin’ an image/video from any website
  • You can ‘Repin’ a friend’s image/video
  • You can ‘Like’ a friend’s image/video
  • You can do all these to your own board or to any other public board
  • You can put your comment to all of the above

It is a detailed process. Though it is not very complicated, it takes time to figure out all the details.

If you are interested in making commercial use of this site, you can get some training. There are some good video training available for less than 4 bucks. You can check it here.

I think, I know where will you go from here. A last word, don’t forget to follow me when you get your membership. 🙂



Be careful and don’t get scammed.

As on now, I have found two scam sites ranking in Google 1st page for a very important keyword.

The first site is using Pinterest logo also. They are promising a free membership and asking youU to take a survey to prove that you are not a bot.

The second site is charging $ 0.99 through Paypal to give you an immediate  membership. 😉

I don’t want to give the name of these sites or the keywords as there will be a lot of search and these sites will benefit from that. I am planning to make a video shortly on that.




Did you know that Google considered ‘paying $1.5 billions for YouTube’ is a profitable idea?

If they recognized that ‘Video Marketing’ is the next big wave for the future, it ought to be so. Because nobody understands future Web trends better than Google.

Let me give you some mind blowing statistics.

YouTube is getting over 13 hours of new video submitted every minute, which equals to 57,000 full-length Hollywood movies every week!

The good news is that ‘Video Marketing’ is still in its infancy and this is just the beginning.

The market leaders are either switching over to video or incorporating it into their marketing campaigns. That’s why they are leaders. 🙂

Does it mean the end of the text and graphics era in sales campaigns?Video Film

Certainly not!

But surely it is the start of a new era, the era of videos. Undoubtedly, videos will attract more eyes and to them in comparison to other media.

If you are planning for adding video marketing to your armory, there is no better time for that than now. If you are a bit nervous about this video thing, it is but natural. But, let me assure you building a video campaign is no difficult than any other marketing campaign. But it is a bit different, which one can learn in a short span of time with ease.

How To Build The Perfect Video Campaign

Here’s how you start marketing your business using videos:

1. Create content for your product/campaign

Your video needs a transcript. As you write copy for your product in sales letters or pages, you have to write powerful and interesting short lines for your video script. Then you can elaborate on every single idea to build few bullet points. You must clearly state the following things.

  • What are the key features of your product
  • Who this product is for
  • How this product will add value
  • What is the unique feature
  • What is the cost
  • If you are enclosing any additional products as bonus
  • What is the refund policy
  • How to place the order or buy the product
  • How to refund the product
  • What makes it a nobrainer

Important: Always add a call to action at the end of your video. It increases the chance of conversion.

2. Use Relevant Graphics for your text

Video is more about visual appeal. You must collect relevant graphics to complement your thought. You must use appealing fonts, appropriate color scheme  and matching background graphics.

You can search Google Images for graphics ideas and collect only free resources. Another place to look for is ‘flickr’. You can shoot some photos/videos with your digital camera if possible.

Decide the size of your video. 16:9 is the most popular than the common 4:3 size.

3. Make a slide show

You must decide before hand about what type of video you want to create. If you are not comfortable with shooting video, you can go for easy alternatives such as screen captures of slide shows. If your idea is powerful any video will have the desired impact.

Open PowerPoint and import your text file. Every paragraph will be converted into a slide. Add appropriate transitions and animations.

4. Record your video with camstudio

For doing screen captures from your PC you need a special software. There are paid and free version of the software available online. The paid Camtasia is only available for PC users, not for Mac users. It is the best screen capture software in the market and it has some wonderful features. It costs $197 and is worth every penny.

The free camstudio is an open source software and is fully functional. For your video screen capture all you will need is this software.

More frames per second(fps) gives good video quality but increases the file size. Select the capture size and start the application and then start playing the slide show with reasonable time gaps. You can record audio from your head phone with this software.

5. Record sound track

You can add additional sound tracks to your video. you can record your voice with another open source software called Audacity. You can add additional music tracks to the video, but always ensure that the track is noise free.

6. Upload your video to YouTube

Before you upload your video to YouTube, you have to publish it. You can publish it in SWF format or MP4 format. Give your video a keyword rich title so that it fares well in the search engines.

YouTube takes some time to complete the uploading, so in the meantime add a description below the video. Be sure to include a link to your website. It gives traffic to your site and helps in SEO by giving a backlink.

7. Share your videos with your target audience

After your video is published in YouTube, it is ready for viewing. Sharing your video in different social media sites draws people to your site and increases the number of views of your video. A video with more number of views ranks well in search engines.

The best part of sharing videos in social sites is it increases the chance of your video to go viral.  A viral video is capable of giving you millions of views.

If you follow these steps with your own initiative, you can create your first video campaign in hours.



You need a “MENTOR” to succeed online!Online Mentor

You agree?

Then you have already laid the foundation of your IM business. You are in your way to success. It is a matter of time and effort now on.

You don’t agree?

If you think you can make it on your own, then read on.

You have finally built your first web site. You have struggled with HTML, FTP and the graphics work, your sales funnel etc after weeks of hard work and your pride and joy finally goes live on the internet.

At last we’ve made it – online riches will soon be ours – right?


One of the first and hardest lessons that most aspiring internet entrepreneurs learn is that “even if you build it, they might not come.” In fact it’s actually harsher than that. It is more probable that “Even if you build it, they won’t come!”

Building a website is just the initial part of the process … there’s is more than a tip to the iceberg. There is much more involved in making a successful living online than what first meets the eyes.

When somebody enters “Internet Marketing” s/he comes with dreamy eyes. There have lot of financial or job oriented challenges in their lives already. They want to get out of the shackles, and make it big here in IM.

Some come to IM after receiving regular emails describing the internet lifestyle. All the push button solutions to overnight riches are capable of tempting even the old veterans. A newbie falls instantaneously and I don’t blame him.

Some come driven by a glimmer of hope that they have at last found a way to actualise their  dream life with fast cars, dreams homes, great holidays in sunny beaches and what not.

But there are many things found common if you can check them one by one. They all share one to all of the following traits.

No money to invest

The majority of the newbies come to IM to earn some first buck, because they are broke. They are desperate and they only take occasional naps on their keyboards. They try all the methods which come with a slogan “make money with nil investments.” They try one opportunity per day; sometimes two or more tricks per day. They never make any money Information Overloadand their expenses always outweigh their income. Most of them quit. Those who still stick around have again one thing in common. They opt for everything FREE and fill in their email id. Once that mailbox frightens them, they open a new one but they never unsubscribe!

They have multiple mail ids, sometimes they don’t remember how many. They buy new hard disks when the old ones get full. They fall into information overload.

How do I know?

I have gone through it all. I am guilty of each of all these and many more!

When you are desperate, you are jumpy. You lack concentration to focus on any single task. You want something miraculous to happen NOW, because you don’t have money.

“If only you can generate some money now, you will invest that and start building things systematically.”

Lack of discipline to stick to any single task

You only get paid when you complete the full process of a project.

Some of the newbies who enter IM come with a time challenge. They have the money challenge, but not for now. They can afford some money now, but not for long. They want to succeed fast.

They buy a course. Keep working on it for some time. Before they succeed, the fear of failure takes over and they move onto the next course. The keep pushing the wheel-burrow.

This is the reason why most of the newbies take much time to succeed.

Lack of  knowledge of the complete sales process

Some of the newbies are determined. They have a plan to succeed alone. They keep working systematically but fail. They don’t understand why they fail and they have no one to fall back on who can tell them exactly what is wrong.

  1. They don’t know that they need a mentor
  2. They don’t know that IM requires the same old principles any offline business needs.

Multitasking in Internet Marketing

Making an online sale is a complex process. If you want to build a business around it, it is very complex. It is highly improbable that you will figure out all the steps alone. If at all you succeed at last, it you take you ages.

Why wasting time when you can achieve that with help of a mentor?

When you start a business, the only intention you have is to leverage your money and time. So, how saving money and wasting time can lead you towards your goal?

Learning is essential to any type of success. You have to learn to deliver the results in time. When we start learning ourselves by picking of bits and pieces here and there we don’t learn a whole system.

Success in any venture is possible only if we follow a process. You omit a single step of that system and the whole process fails to deliver any result. So, you need a mentor who will teach you the complete process. You need somebody who will hold your hand and show you how it is done. You need a mentor who has traveled the path himself/herself again and again and who has mastered these steps so well that it has become second nature to him/her. This is the fastest way in IM and there is no shortcut to it.

So, you need a mentor and you should follow every word of him in letter and spirit!


I love watching videos! I bet, you and most of your friends love it too.

The combination of audio, graphics and movement on a timeline arouses more interest than static text pages. It is obvious. You might have shared many YouTube videos or watched some on your Facebook wall shared by your friends. We all love watching videos and feel excited sharing it with our friends in social circles.

This is very reason video are strong marketing force to reckon with.

With the growth of the internet and technology, videos have increasingly become a very powerful tool in getting more leads, more clicks and growing one’s business. The ease of sharing videos via video sharing sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Myspace and Twitter has made the growth of the video industry explode rapidly. Currently, it doesn’t matter if you are a small time marketer or a corporate giant; you have lots to gain by leveraging your brand through videos to grow your business.

The Video Trend

The trends of internet marketing are ever evolving. Once upon a time, it was article marketing. Then came the paid advertising era of PPC and PPV. Today, we have a new trend – Video Marketing.

Video caneraWith advent of digital technology in photography, all new camera manufacturers have shifted their attention not only to still photos but to digital videos. Today we can shoot a HD video in any ordinary pocket camera. With a smart phone we can record as well as share a  video clip in the span of seconds. The ordinary webcam we use with our PC or MAC can be a wonderful video production machine. Lastly, if you know how to tell your story, you can make your video at no extra cost.

What is video marketing? Video marketing is the art of using videos to market and grow your business. This could be in the form of using videos for getting leads, building traffic or selling a physical or information product.

People love watching videos, so much more because you can incorporate visual and auditory elements which can excite emotions and interest. E-books were so yesterday and now have a hard time keeping up with videos which have been getting better and better with every passing moment. Video marketing is great because it has the ability to grow virally. Viral marketing has the ability to spread as fast and as widely as a biological virus, but in the marketing sense. This can help you reach a wide audience in a short amount of time and at a fraction of the cost of other marketing methods.

Even Your Webcam Or Pocket Camera is OK

Many people shy away from video because they think it is difficult to produce videos. It is not difficult at all. If you knowDigital camera how to write an article or a persuasive sales letter, you can convert it into a video with your computer alone. You don’t always need a camera or a camcorder. There are many open source screen capture softwares, which you can use to record your Powerpoint presentation. Then you can record your own voice with your head phone or add a background musical score. This can be done with free softwares. You can even add background sound tracks after uploading your video to YouTube.

If you are not using the power of videos in your internet marketing, it is time you take a cold hard look at your marketing methods.


“Find a hungry market and give them what they want.”


No, you are not going to sell food! You have to find out a large group of people who has a pressing need, people who are hungry for something.

Research the market for a strong NEED

People love to buy, but they don’t want to be sold to. If the need is not pressing enough, you can’t be sure if they will buy your product. If you are not sure enough, you run the risk of losing your invested money and time.

What is the indication of a pressing need?

If the need is painful physically or mentally without a solution, the solution is required urgently. Nobody wants to endure pain for the sake of money, so it is a strong need for people to spend their money on finding a solution to this problem.

A passionate need is something people will spend money for. People are controlled by emotion, not by logic. When driven by a passionate need, people will be ready to spend money again and again. Somebody with a passion for golf keeps spending on golf clubs or lessons on golf.

When people are obsessed with something or some habit they are forced by their own nature to take action. This is negative need, but for a business owner they are an asset.

The group should be large enough to make the venture profitable. So, crunch your numbers before you think of investing on such an idea.

Research the market for a better SOLUTION

Now is the time for understanding the full scope of the need and the nature of the solution. A good market research will give us the expectations of the customer and the other products available in the market. You don’t want to just give your market the exact same product as the competitors are delivering to the customers. You want to make your product unique – and you want to make it better. So your next step is to research the competitors’ products to discover how you can improve upon the products the market is already buying.

Create the SOLUTION

Now, it is time for some action.

Create an outline for the steps you will cover and set a deadline. Approach the task from the generals to the particulars.

Shut the ringer off on your phones, lock the door, close your email… and start typing. Start with an outline and a goal to write XXXX of words per day. Then keep typing until you finish your ebook – don’t worry about editing, because you can do that once the draft is finished.

Quick Tip: If you don’t like to type, then try a voice-to-text product like Dragon Naturally Speaking. If creating the product doesn’t sound like something you want to do yourself, then outsource the task.

Set up your MARKETPLACE(website)

In any offline business, we create a presentable space to store your goods. In web terms we have to set up an attractive website for your customers to visit and buy from. The site should be properly functional and appealing.

You need to write a sales letter that sells your ebook and upload it to a web page. You’ll also want to set up a squeeze page with an autoresponder as a means to get your visitors to join your newsletter list. This is important, because most people won’t buy your ebook the first time they visit your site – the money is in your list!

Set up your backend sales system

Most people don’t get rich selling just one product. Instead, they find their wealth is hidden in the backend of their business – this is where existing customers buy more products and more expensive products from you. As such, even as you create your first product, you need to also be developing your backend sales system. You should set up various ways to contact and pitch additional products to your existing customers, such as by email, postal mail, membership site forums, blogs or even through links in the products they’ve already purchased.

And there you have it – the essential five-steps to a successful online business.

Online Business Models



Building an online business is no different than any other offline business. You have to provide value to your customers in exchange for the money they pay you.

That value is generally in terms of goods, services or a combination of both.

When you start an online business, you can follow the same business model. You can provide goods and services online or offline in exchange for the money you charge. You can follow any of the following models.

The 3 basic online business models

  1. Online goods/services to global customers.
  2. Online goods/services to local customers.
  3. Offline  goods/services to local customers where you use internet to market your business.

Though all these three types of businesses seem similar, the third one is merely an offline business entity using online services either to attract customers to its business or to build brand equity. This model is not truly an online business.

True online business model

The true essence of an online business is in its online nature. In such a business the goods, services or both exist online and the customers pay you for using it or accessing the information. They may also download the product from your website, which may be a software, an ebook, videos or audio tracks or something similar of value. The services you provide can also be located in an online server, which is accessible to your customer, 24/7, and they pay you for the services you provide them.

Advantages of an online business model

The advantage of this business model is that you create the product once and keep selling copies of it again and again in exchange for good money. The software or service you provide mostly demands an onetime investment and keeps giving you return again and again. Information products or membership sites are good examples of this. You may have to spend little money on maintaining your website or on domain and hosting expenses, but comparing to the return you receive this investment is very negligible.

Anything, which has the potential of being a good product/service is basically a solution to a pressing or passionate need.  People who buy your product actually buy a solution. So, before we can develop any product we have to find out a need first then finding the exact solution is just child’s play.

Any online business  “Product development process” must include all the essential market research first before investing valuable assets on final product development.