Hi, I am Himanshu. I help people in starting their digital entrepreneurship.

Welcome to my blog.:-D

I stay at Bangalore and Bhubaneswar, India for most of my time. Apart from that, my stay at other places is very brief.

I’m a full time “Internet Marketer.” And, yes, I earn a living by working full time as a marketer online. I’m not rich, but I do well financially. And…I enjoy everything I do.

I don’t primarily focus on IM as my niche. I just stay in touch with IM. I make my money elsewhere, in other niches.

Go through my blog. Be in touch. Subscribe to my newsletter by opting in. If you don’t like it, you can unsubscribe at any time. I promise I would not force you to click on the “unsubscribe” link.

I’ve learned great things from experienced marketers by going through their blogs alone. They keep me informed and inspired. Believe me, you need both, inspiration as well as information.

My core concept:

I always wanted to be an entrepreneur. And I’m an entrepreneur now.

I say this because, as far as I can remember into my childhood, I always wanted to be a seller. I enjoyed selling to people. I wanted to be free, and adventurous.

Driven by adventure, I joined Indian Air Force. I opted out after 20 years of service with a promise to myself — not to join a job again; never, ever, ever…I am happy I kept my promise. Things were not going well financially initially, but I was happy that I had plenty of free time to take up any vocation I wanted.

As I mentioned earlier, I was struggling. I did not know exactly how to start and run a business. I believed then that if you have money you can have a business. God! I couldn’t have been more wrong!! You can imagine what happened then.

I frittered away my assets. I started businesses and failed. This went on till I hit the bottom.

Thank God, I found out “Internet Marketing!” I was saved.

When people start online marketing, almost invariably they focus on the wrong question – Whether online marketing works? They should focus on how to make online marketing work for them.

When people are desperate and want to make something to work out and work out fast, that’s what they do to themselves. They search for quick fixes and go away from profitable possibilities. That’s a bad thing. You should never do that to yourself.

I know, many people out there suffer from the same exact shortcoming.

If you are an “IMer,” take a periodic look at this. Evaluate your short term and long term objectives. If you don’t have anything long term, start one. Understand the power of delayed gratification.

My Greatest Regret:

When I look back – for an evaluation of my efforts – I see that I could have done far better with far little effort. The amount of time I had put into my business to get what I achieved, seems to me as uneconomical. However, I reached a point where I don’t regret anything. After all, I have achieved it! But, there is this thing I wish, I could have done better.

I could have stayed focused, I could have gone campaign by campaign. I should have formulated a strategy at the beginning and then put my time, money, and efforts to work out my plan. I did it, but not as an organized individual, but when I was forced to do–after I touched the rock-bottom. 🙂 But, I’m happy I did– I woke up.

Thank you for reading this far. I’ve 3 pieces of advice to anybody who dares to earn an income online.

  • Start building your list from day one
  • Promote good products as an affiliate
  • Create digital products of your own

Now it’s for you to take initiative to find out how to do these 3 things. You can find plenty of information in this blog. Invest money like a businessman or businesswoman in services that would bring you big bucks. Trust people, at least find out people whom you can trust. Learn from a mentor. Take action. And never QUIT till you achieve.

I would not go on forever. So, bye and best of luck.