You need a “MENTOR” to succeed online!Online Mentor

You agree?

Then you have already laid the foundation of your IM business. You are in your way to success. It is a matter of time and effort now on.

You don’t agree?

If you think you can make it on your own, then read on.

You have finally built your first web site. You have struggled with HTML, FTP and the graphics work, your sales funnel etc after weeks of hard work and your pride and joy finally goes live on the internet.

At last we’ve made it – online riches will soon be ours – right?


One of the first and hardest lessons that most aspiring internet entrepreneurs learn is that “even if you build it, they might not come.” In fact it’s actually harsher than that. It is more probable that “Even if you build it, they won’t come!”

Building a website is just the initial part of the process … there’s is more than a tip to the iceberg. There is much more involved in making a successful living online than what first meets the eyes.

When somebody enters “Internet Marketing” s/he comes with dreamy eyes. There have lot of financial or job oriented challenges in their lives already. They want to get out of the shackles, and make it big here in IM.

Some come to IM after receiving regular emails describing the internet lifestyle. All the push button solutions to overnight riches are capable of tempting even the old veterans. A newbie falls instantaneously and I don’t blame him.

Some come driven by a glimmer of hope that they have at last found a way to actualise their  dream life with fast cars, dreams homes, great holidays in sunny beaches and what not.

But there are many things found common if you can check them one by one. They all share one to all of the following traits.

No money to invest

The majority of the newbies come to IM to earn some first buck, because they are broke. They are desperate and they only take occasional naps on their keyboards. They try all the methods which come with a slogan “make money with nil investments.” They try one opportunity per day; sometimes two or more tricks per day. They never make any money Information Overloadand their expenses always outweigh their income. Most of them quit. Those who still stick around have again one thing in common. They opt for everything FREE and fill in their email id. Once that mailbox frightens them, they open a new one but they never unsubscribe!

They have multiple mail ids, sometimes they don’t remember how many. They buy new hard disks when the old ones get full. They fall into information overload.

How do I know?

I have gone through it all. I am guilty of each of all these and many more!

When you are desperate, you are jumpy. You lack concentration to focus on any single task. You want something miraculous to happen NOW, because you don’t have money.

“If only you can generate some money now, you will invest that and start building things systematically.”

Lack of discipline to stick to any single task

You only get paid when you complete the full process of a project.

Some of the newbies who enter IM come with a time challenge. They have the money challenge, but not for now. They can afford some money now, but not for long. They want to succeed fast.

They buy a course. Keep working on it for some time. Before they succeed, the fear of failure takes over and they move onto the next course. The keep pushing the wheel-burrow.

This is the reason why most of the newbies take much time to succeed.

Lack of  knowledge of the complete sales process

Some of the newbies are determined. They have a plan to succeed alone. They keep working systematically but fail. They don’t understand why they fail and they have no one to fall back on who can tell them exactly what is wrong.

  1. They don’t know that they need a mentor
  2. They don’t know that IM requires the same old principles any offline business needs.

Multitasking in Internet Marketing

Making an online sale is a complex process. If you want to build a business around it, it is very complex. It is highly improbable that you will figure out all the steps alone. If at all you succeed at last, it you take you ages.

Why wasting time when you can achieve that with help of a mentor?

When you start a business, the only intention you have is to leverage your money and time. So, how saving money and wasting time can lead you towards your goal?

Learning is essential to any type of success. You have to learn to deliver the results in time. When we start learning ourselves by picking of bits and pieces here and there we don’t learn a whole system.

Success in any venture is possible only if we follow a process. You omit a single step of that system and the whole process fails to deliver any result. So, you need a mentor who will teach you the complete process. You need somebody who will hold your hand and show you how it is done. You need a mentor who has traveled the path himself/herself again and again and who has mastered these steps so well that it has become second nature to him/her. This is the fastest way in IM and there is no shortcut to it.

So, you need a mentor and you should follow every word of him in letter and spirit!